How time flies when you don’t pay attention.

In case you were all wondering @geeksuperheroesrun is still going strong.

I am running 4–5 times a week and logging in about 30–40 miles. I am slowly increasing my distance and run frequency; hopefully one of these days I can do 60 miles a week running 5 days. It’s not easy, but it’s not as hard as it sounds either… its very doable and I am hopeful.

I started this journey, as some may say, by hitting my midlife crisis… but I think it was actually from the realization that life is in fact very short and all of us…

First day back in the New Year and all of us at work started with all of our cylinders running.

I am planning to stick to my full schedule, the way i have planned it to stay on track with my plans. i feel to be disciplined you really have to follow a strict calendar no matter what.

My mind keeps on running non stop, it feels overwhelming, but i am glad i have an active mind that allows me to think and give me the boost. give me the ideas to change for the better.

I hired a running…

It’s been nearly a month since my last post….

What a ride… 2020 was very confusing for all of us. I for one was a spun chicken for a while. Loosing my restaurant early on in the year, not really knowing what to do, no real prospects, future bleak, the entire world shutting down, aging parents, family living in a different country… i can admit that i felt, life as i knew it, was coming to an end. Hopelessness was making its mark on my psyche and i couldn’t breath.

Every guru tells you to keep on trying, don’t give…

Its easy to fall of the wagon

i keep on thinking that it’s selfish if I put my interests in front of other peoples interest, but if i don’t, then i feel like i’m getting the wrong end of the stick. i have to learn how to balance between relationship with my self and others and my self with my self. Like everyone else, if i commit to doing something for me, i have promise myself that i will do it.. a promise is not only a commitment, its almost a contractual agreement. thats why people hate it if you…

To change old habits, have to create new tricks

Got up at 5:50 this am, felt good. rested a bit in bed but i got out of bed by 6:15. prepped my protein shake, my amino laced water bottles and left the house. I knew Hilda wanted to go for a walk, but i thought i should go run trail. As i was filling up my tank with gas, from the Chevron on the other side of the tracks, my mind kept on running about the importance of spending time with my sister. …

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Post Thanksgiving eve, i weighed in at 187.2# this morning.. I feel great, but i know i better loose at least 27 of these #’s soon. so i think i have to pull some drastic measures. i know i cant do it on a strictly vegan diet, i think i have to introduce some type of animal protein, like eggs, yogurt and maybe even some shell fish.

I know, it sucks and i not only feel bad, i feel like a hypocrite, but i think to wean myself off…

Full of estrogen Saturday

Agajanian Clan, with the Vartanian genes running through those veins.

Had such great walk today with the nieces this AM. a great surprise. I cant believe time flew by so fast.

a great relaxing day, a lot of time to ponder about things we left dont think much about...

Breakfast was great…. I cant believe how lucky i am to have such parents. Amazing dedication to family, never ending love for us.. mom prepared breakfast for 20 people literally and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for 3 of us.

i wonder why i didn’t appreciate them enough when…

Sarkis Vartanian

Beautiful things don’t demand attention. Global Citizen, Change Maker.

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